Vanuatu raises VAT to 15%

All retailers have been instructed by the VAT Office to put up a notice to their customers advising them of the 2.5 percent increase. VAT was first introduced 20 years ago as part of the country’s Comprehensive Reform Programme. However, our correspondent said revenue collection under VAT had fallen short of the government’s expectations.

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Appeals for Vanuatu to seek dialogue with Poland on kava ban

Vanuatu’s former Ambassador to the European Union is appealing to the government to seek dialogue with the Polish Ambassador in Canberra to discuss the kava ban in Poland. Roy Micky Joy says the government should send a diplomatic note through the Vanuatu High Commission in Canberra to make this happen. Poland is warning travellers not to bring the mild sedative […]

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Ambae man raises compensation issue after evacuation

Questions have been raised as to whether the Vanuatu Government and its relevant authorities will compensate individuals and religious organizations with what is remaining from the emergency fund of Vt200 million. An elder from the island of Ambae, Wilson Garae has voiced his concern, shared by many, after the victims of the Lombenben Volcano were transported back to Ambae. “We […]

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