New regulation on rice price ceilings to be applied starting Sept. 1

The Trade Ministry announced on Thursday that the government will start enforcing a new regulation on rice price ceilings on Sept. 1. Unlike an-already-revoked regulation that only classified rice into one type as ‘medium,’ the new regulation classifies rice into three types: ‘medium,’ ‘premium’ and ‘specialty’. The price ceilings apply to the first two categories only. The price ceiling for […]

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Acall for a tolerant, understanding and caring Vanuatu

MP Andrew Napuat’s recent statement on the supremacy of Christian principles in Vanuatu society raises important issues that leaders throughout Vanuatu should deliberate and consider carefully. It is true that the founding fathers and mothers of this country were primarily Christian. This is a testament to the important role Christian churches played in educating and training the leaders that would […]

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Vanuatu opposition calls for independent action on VNPF report

The opposition in Vanuatu is calling on the government to prosecute those implicated in a report on the underperformance of the national superannuation fund. A commission of inquiry into the Vanuatu National Provident Fund was launched last year and its final report was recently leaked on line. The newspaper the Vanuatu Daily Post has published an overview of these findings. Several people […]

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