Wiranto and low trust in Papua

Trust is the most crucial factor for a state dealing with regional dissatisfactions that turn to conflict. And the absence of this vital prerequisite for constructive engagement is clear to see when there have been no truly genuine and consistent efforts to build it. Trust, or the lack thereof, is a significant challenge faced by the newly appointed coordinating political, legal […]

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Questioning the Unquestionable : An Overview of The Restoration of Papua into the Republic of Indonesia

Papua, the easternmost province in Indonesia, has its unique place in multi ethnic and multicultural Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago. It has also had a turbulent history within the early history of independent Indonesia. “Questioning the Unquestionable: An Overview of the Restoration of Papua into the Republic of Indonesia” has been chosen as the title of this publication out of […]

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Constructing Papuan Nationalism: History, Ethnicity, and Adaptation

by Richard Chauvel Policy Studies, No. 14 Publisher: Washington, D.C.: East-West Center Publication Date: 2005 ISBN: 1-932728-26-0 Binding: paper Pages: xii, 120 Free Download: PDF Summary Papuan nationalism is stronger today than it was in 1961, when the Morning Star flag was first raised. Its evolution as a political force is a crucial factor in any analysis of relations between […]

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