Resolving the Controversy Over Timor Leste

When I read the article entitled “Whatever happened in Krakas, Timor Leste, ‘Pak’ Prabowo?” by Aboeprijadi Santoso (The Jakarta Post, Dec. 20, 2013) I wish it could have provided us with compelling arguments and empirical findings that could resolve the controversy over the incident. However, after thoroughly examining both arguments and referring to a number of comparative references and historical […]

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Radicalism, US Security Focus on Asia

Political Islam is on the rise in Indonesia, and rising alongside it is the country’s importance to US national security. As the pendulum of American attention swings toward Asia in a calculated “pivot” aimed at countering shifting realities in the regional power balance, a familiar foe deploying equally familiar and sinister tactics threatens to destabilise this key partner in the […]

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Public Policies and Politics in Papua

The issues of Papua are truly complex social issues in which multidimensional aspects are involved. Today’s critical situation in Papua is attributed to accumulative degenerative public policies that have been imposed on this richly endowed island for almost five decades. Acknowledging the root causes and implementing the right solutions are two daunting challenges for us if we want to truly […]

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