Papua is Held Hostage by Global Capitalists

The case of Freeport is a clear illustration of Papua and the Indonesian government being held hostage by global capitalists. Papua, formerly known as Dutch New Guinea, is the western half of New Guinea, an island in the Pacific. For decades, Papua has been a region associated with conflict and has rarely received international press coverage. There have been many civilian casualties resulting […]

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Fiji country profile – overview

The 800-plus volcanic and coral islands that make up the Pacific nation of Fiji enjoy a tropical climate and host a significant tourism industry. However, since 1987 racial and political tensions have been a steady source of instability and international isolation. In 1987 a coup by indigenous Fijians overthrew the elected, Indian-dominated coalition. This triggered a series of adverse events, […]

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East Timor leader does not think West Papua will follow in his country’s footsteps

Listen Here Updated 22 Jul 2015, 7:23pm East Timorese leader Jose Ramos Horta says he doesn’t believe West Papua will become independent from Indonesia in the same way his own country did. Dr Ramos Horta spent decades as the public face of the push to liberate East Timor from Indonesian rule. His tireless campaign earned him a Nobel Prize and stints […]

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