Farmer Shot in NTT: Jokowi Asked to Step in

A number of organizations joined as the Coalition of Civil Society urged President Joko Widodo to step in on the investigation of a shooting incident involving the police. A farmer from East Nusa Tenggara died from a gunshot during an incident on Wednesday, April 25.

Walhi member Khalisah Khalid said Jokowi needs to get involved to find out about the police’s involvement in the shooting.

Poroduka (40), a farmer from West Sumba Regency, allegedly died after being shot by the police on April 25. He was shot while protesting a land-measuring activity by the West Sumba Land Agency (BPN) and tourism company PT Sutera Morosi.

“The organization urges President Joko Widodo to summon General Tito Karnavian and ask him about the police’s involvement in securing investments and the use of violence in solving agrarian conflicts,” Khalisah said in Jakarta, May 2.

Walhi East Nusa Tenggara director Umbu Wulung said there are plans to make the coast of Morosi a tourism area, which locals protested.

Because of residence’s rejection, the company and BPN asked for police escort during the land measurement. Dozens of armed officers guarded the activity.

Jakarta Police spokesman Brig. Gen. Mohammad Iqbal said the case is still being investigated.

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