Shots Fired at Foreign Freeport Employee in Tembagapura, Papua

An employee of Freeport Indonesia who is also a South African national was shot at by an unknown person today at the Hidden Valley mile 66 housing area in Tembagapura District, Papua.

The South African citizen, Morne Francis Ras, was being fired on eight to ten times while walking towards his car parked in front of his house.

Fortunately, Morne survived this incident.

According to a testimony of a Mine UG employee, Craig Eugene Johnson, Morne Francis immediately lied down beside his car on hearing the shots.

An ambulance and the authorities arrived at the scene minutes after the incident began, and an investigation into the area’s vicinity ensued.

The mining company sounded the alarms following the incident to warn employees and people in the vicinity of the Hidden Valley. Morne Francis was ushered to the Tembagapura Hospital at around 08:50 Indonesian Eastern Time (WIT) for medical care.

Up until 10:00 WIT, investigation by local authorities was still afoot, as they combed the forest located behind the Hidden Valley mile 66 housing area.

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