Don’t Misuse PM’s Name’s

Foreigners and their cohorts such as politicians and others are being warned by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Andrew Napuat, not to use the Prime Minister’s name or his Office against the Operation Gateway, which he is leading.

Anyone caught violating this order will be arrested by the police, he has warned.

Minister Napuat gave this warning while giving an update on Operation Gateway to the media.

Operation Gateway, which was launched in March in Port Vila and Luganville is looking at illegal immigrants, overstayers, and those with issues to do with work permits and visa.

“Two weeks into the operation, the Ministry came out to make a very strong statement about interference from politicians and other people who were interfering with the operation,” the Minister of Internal Affairs said, adding: “After this, the operation has been concluded at these two locations.’

Funds collected by officers carrying out the operation are over Vt10 million, using a budget of Vt1.5 million, and that money has gone into government coffers.

Mr Napuat said they planned to extend the operation to Tanna, after which they should release a full report of the operation.

“The reason for this update is throughout the operation there were a lot of information coming out with some people even going on the social media and talking about some of the issues we were working on resolving, but were being release.

“Hence, it is important for us to continuously provide updates to the people and also to correct misleading information and rumors that were circulating about the operation and its progress,” he continued.

“The first thing that happened as you all know when I made this strong statement about the interference of politicians and some of them going as far as saying in the social media that instructions came from the Prime Minister through some people in his office.

“Today, i am here to correct this misleading information and to say the Prime minister fully supports the work the ministry in carrying out this operation to do the cleanup.

“It’s very easy for foreigners and other people when they interfere with the work, they can use the name of the Prime minister. But the Prime minister has never issued any instruction to any person to use his name to say you should not deal with so and so people. So, i wish to correct this today.”

“I also wish to say to those using the name of the Prime minister to interfere with the operation taking place not to mislead my officers. Today, I am making this clarification and saying that because he fully supports this operation, i do not expect anymore politician or others to interfere in the work we are undertaking.

“Starting from today on, anyone who comes us using the name of the prime minister will be arrested by the police for the inference because in the past, they were using his name and his office to say ‘you must not arrest us, because you need to talk with the Office of the prime minister first because instruction has come from up top,’” Minister Napuat said.

“This goes also to foreigners residing in the country who are planning to say or to tell my officers that the prime minister says this or that.

“The prime minister says too that foreigners coming into the country under whatever organization for whatever project must respect the laws of the country. Issues to do with visas, those holding visitor visas must get visas that allow them to work.”

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