19 People Reported Missing After Boat Capsizes in Papua

As many as 19 people went missing after the boat they rode turned upside down on its way to Demba District in the Waropen district in eastern province of Papua. The incident occurred at around 1pm on Friday, Papua regional police spokesman Senior Commissioner Ahmad Kamal confirmed here on Saturday.

He said the boat turned upside down after being hit by waves in the Orega waters after 45 minutes journey.

Of the 19 people, 13 are students of senior high public school of Urfas, he said adding the students were reported to pay respects to their school friend who died in the sub-district of Demba.

The boat was hit by waves on its way and the incident was known only after report from a resident at around 4pm. Upon the information a search and rescue team led by Waropen police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Supraptono immediately left for the location to find the victims but none had been found so far, Kamal said.Among other victims besides the students are motorist Riki Windesi and boat crew Yunus Buburaya.



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