Sentani Residents Plant Fir Trees on Teletubbies Hills

Sentani residents at Doyo Lama Village in West Sentani, Papua, collectively planted numerous fir trees locally known as ‘Cemara Kipas’ on the Doyo Lama Teletubbies Hills tourist area.

“We planted 50 fir trees this afternoon,” said Riki Pangkatana, one of the residents who led the campaign on Thursday, January 4.

The trees were purchased using funds collected from Doyo Lama Village. Riki revealed that local residents are also planning to plant other types of trees in the area.

“It wasn’t just us who planted them, there was also the Nusantara youth group who planted several trees around the Teletubbies Hills area,” he said.

The Teletubbies Hills are located about 25 kilometers from the Jayapura Regency and 40 kilometers from Jayapura City. Residents of Doyo Lama decided to plant the trees after they concluded that the location looked too barren for the tourist attraction.

The name Teletubbies Hills was given by tourists who visited the location. Local people then decided to adopt the name for the location in the vicinity of Lake Sentani.

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