Prominent Businessman and Police Officer charged over alleged assault

A prominent businessman and a police officer have been charged for allegedly assaulting the husband of a senior Government official, on Monday morning.

The inspector was released on bail yesterday for complicity, while the businessman will appear in the Magistrates Court at 10am today.

The case was supposed to be heard yesterday but it was delayed

The reason behind the alleged assault is yet to be confirmed but police said that the duo were accused of assaulting the man,inflicting some serious injuries.

Police confirmed that the duo allegedly damaged the couple’s car during the alleged assault at Blandinier.

Southern Command, Jackson Noal said that the matter is under control and confirmed police have launched an investigation into the matter.

Mr Noal said the system of justice is based on the rule of law, which is enshrined in the constitution through the Charter of Rights and Freedom.

It means that the law applies to everyone – no one is above the law and the law must be applied the same regardless of race, gender, status or any other consideration.

Sources within the judiciary said that the inspector is being represented by lawyer Robin Kapapa while the businessman will be represented by legal counsel, Avock Godden today.

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