The new rate for the Members of Parliament (MPs) Touring Allowance is now Vt1,605,000.

The increase was approved during the 2018 Budget Session in December 2017. This has gone up from the previous figure of Vt840,000 per MP annually.

It represents an increase of Vt765,000.

The new increased figure of Vt1,605,000 per MP touring allowance is across the board for all MPs, including the Prime Minister, Ministers, Speaker of Parliament and the Leader of Opposition.

The new touring allowance was confirmed to the Daily Post by the Senior Finance Officer of the Parliamentary Secretariat, Willie Watson, yesterday morning.

He said the new MPs Touring Allowance rate was effective as of January 1, 2018.

The MPs touring allowance of Vt1,605,000 per MP per year does not include other allowances, such as the Sitting Allowance of Vt7,500 when parliament is in session and Parliamentary Committees Meetings.

It also excludes the MPs’ monthly income and other benefits.

The MPs touring allowance is meant to cover official tours made by the MPs to their respective constituencies within a year, either by air, sea or land and associated costs.

The Daily Post understands that MPs are required to produce receipts and reports upon completion of each tour made to their respective constituencies over the period of 12 months, complying with the transparency and accountability requirements.


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