5 Facts about Rote Island

Rote Island is an island in East Nusa Tenggara that has interesting spots that are one with nature. Here are five facts about Rote Island that might be a great reference for your next holiday plans.

1. The trip to Rote Island

The D.C. Saudale airport in Rote Ndao District, Rote Island, is currently only serving two arrival and departure flights each with a 30-minute travel time from El-Tari airport in Kupang. Another option is to travel by boat from Laut Tenau Port in Kupang which will take two hours.

2. Palm trees as souvenirs

Palm trees are distinctively typical of East Nusa Tenggara. Locals also sell sugar made from palm trees as souvenirs. There is also a musical instrument called sasando made from the tree which the locals called lontar. The musicians often play the instrument while wearing hats made of lontar leaves.

3. Heaven for surfers

The Nemberala beach at Nemberala Village in Rote Ndao District won the most popular surfing spot category in the Anugerah Pesona Indonesia 2016. This world-class beach is two hours from the airport. There’s also the Bo’a Beach that is said to have the second world’s largest waves after Hawaii and is often used for world surfing events.

4. Hills and Lakes

Rote Island also features the Dead Sea Lake located at Sotimori Village in East Rote, which is 90 minutes away by car from Rote Ndao district central. You can ride a jet ski to travel to other smaller islands that are in the Dead Sea Lake.

There’s also the Mando’o Hill that is locally known as the ‘300 Staircase’ where tourists must cover the distance of 300 staircases to reach the hill’s summit. Up there, you will see the scenery of the beach in Kuli Village.

5. The locals own seaweed farm

The locals farm seaweed as their livelihood other than fishing. Almost all of the residents in Oeseli, Rote Island work as seaweed farmers. To reach this spot, you will need to travel 20 kilometers from Nemberala by car.


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