Paper seller unhappy with police officer’s action

A 61-year-old woman that sells this newspaper has expressed concern at how a person she believes to be a police officer, that took a paper from her and never paid for it.

The paper seller said the man was in the police ‘box bus’ distinguished by the blue ribbon around it, with other people in the van that stopped next to the Daily Post paper seller and requested a copy of the day’s newspaper.

The paper seller did not have enough change at hand but seeing that it was a police officer, she trusted him and handed him the newspaper, with the agreement for the police officer to  pay after changing the money in the nearest shop which was just opposite to the paper seller.

A few minutes later, the van that the officer was in drove past the paper seller without giving her the money, despite the paper seller’s effort to stop him and remind him of the Vt100 still owed for the paper he got minutes earlier.

This 61-year-old woman, like majority of the paper sellers, are trying to make ends meet with the little money they are getting from their sales each day.

The paper sellers must wake up at 4am daily to prepare themselves before getting to their respective stations at 5am to start off their day’s sales.

The public would also notice that the paper sellers are very committed to ensure all their copies are sold out each day, despite whatever weather conditions they encounter.

Please show respect to our paper sellers.

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