SOEs develop Papuan coffee for export

Several state-owned enterprises (SOEs), namely lender PT Bank Mandiri, trading firm PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (PPI) and postal company PT Pos Indonesia, have developed local coffee industries in Papua for export.

Bank Mandiri, through its corporate social responsibility program, provides training, machinery and trucks for 11 local plantations in Wamena and Puncak Jaya, said state-owned enterprises minister Rini Soemarno in Wamena on Monday.

Meanwhile, Pos Indonesia will act as a delivery service with its wide network of branches and PPI will act as the buyer, she added.

“People in Papua have been planting coffee for about 40 years but they have been using traditional methods. With the training, we hope Papuan coffee farmers will be able to improve their economic well being,” she said.

Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia trainer Faqih Assyikin said Papuan coffee has a sweet taste and is less acidic because local people plant the coffee trees in the wild between other fruit plants.

He added, however, that Papua’s traditional processed coffee was not acceptable in coffee shops.

“The moisture levels of the coffee beans after drying should be 11 to 12 percent, it has to be tested by machines while the locals taste the coffee. The locals also roast coffee until it is black, but it should be brown for maximum taste,” he said. With better roasting methods, Papuan coffee will be accepted at coffee shops in the big cities, he added.

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