Vanua’aku Party (VP) Spokesperson, Avio Roberts, has said any motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and the Coalition Government he leads will be defeated.

Commenting to the Daily Post Tuesday morning, when the Opposition bloc boycotted the first day of the First Extra-Ordinary Session of Parliament, the Government political insider said, at present, the Salwai-led Coalition Government commands 33 Members of Parliament (MPs) and he does not see how any sponsored motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Salwai could be passed.

 “First we don’t believe there is a motion of no confidence, secondly, if there is such intended motion, we don’t see how it could be passed because the Government is solid, commands the majority of the Members of Parliament (MPs) and as far as the Vanuaa’ku Party (VP) is concern, we along with other coalition partners will never support such a motion,” the VP Spokesman told the Daily Post.

He added: “The absence of the Opposition in Parliament this morning is the usual political tactic but if they don’t turn up on Thursday this week, the Government already commands the simple majority to continue with discussions and passing of the Bills tabled,” Mr Roberts said.

 Meanwhile, a prominent politicians who asks not to be named, says there is a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, that was expected to be delivered to the Speaker’s Office sometime yesterday but he would not elaborate further.

The Leader of the Opposition would not comment on the issue, when asked by the Daily Post Monday evening.

It remains to be seen, if there is a motion of no confidence, and who is a sponsor of the motion and how many MPs are packing the motion, if there is a motion.

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