Papua election to cost Rp 1t: KPU

The upcoming 2018 gubernatorial election in Papua has been estimated to cost Rp 1.031 trillion (US$76.3 million). It is three time more than the funds needed to organize the previous Papua election in 2014 that cost about Rp 300 billion.

“We have streamlined the initial proposed budget of Rp 1.2 trillion during discussions involving the Home Ministry,” the head of the General Elections Commission (KPU) Papua, Adam Arisoy, said in Jayapura on Tuesday.

He said the budget had skyrocketed mainly because of the establishment of new districts and villages.

“New districts and villages have been established in almost all 29 regencies [in Papua]. In Yalimo regency, for instance, there were only about 100 villages during the 2014 race, but now the regency has no less than 300,” he said.

The new districts and villages would result in an increase in the number of polling stations and polling committees, among others.

At the moment, KPU Papua has recorded 3,336,144 eligible voters who would cast votes at 9,169 polling stations.

As many as 171 provinces, regencies, and cities across Indonesia will hold regional elections, next year.

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