Three climbers set out to conquer Indonesia’s 7 highest peaks in 100 days

A team of Indonesians set out to break a record on Tuesday as they embark on a quest to conquer the seven highest peaks in the country within 100 days.

The team, aptly named “7 Summits in 100 Days”, is made up of former Agriculture Minister Anton Apriyantono, 58, Banten province softball player Ayu Hariyanti, 28, and rock climber and physical trainer Tri Hardiyanto, 27.

“The initial idea of ​​the expedition came from my desire to become the first woman to climb the seven highest mountains in Indonesia in the fastest time. I then discussed it with Mas Tri and he also had the same desire,” Mila said, according to Antara news agency.

Many Indonesian climbers try to conquer mountains abroad as a mark of success, Mila said, adding that there are many with unique characteristics spread across the country. From active volcanoes, to passive ones and even snowy mountaintops, she said

“Why not compete to promote mountains in Indonesia

Several locations in the country are globally recognized and included in the UNESCO preservation list such as Papua’s Lorentz National Park that was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1999, she said.

“When we finished our training, the team said they wanted to do something to promote mountain tourism in Indonesia. I was in support of it. Because mountain climbing is our hobby, we decided to climb the seven highest mountains in Indonesia,” said Anton, who was appointed as the team’s leader.

The expedition’s aim is to climb seven of Indonesia’s highest peaks within 100 days in an attempt to break the record of seven months that was set in 2015.

The mountains they set to take on include Mount Kerinci in Sumatra, Mount Semeru in Java, Mount Bukit Raya in Kalimantan, the Latimojong mountain ranges and its peak Rantemario in Sulawesi, Cartenzs Pyramid in Papua, Mount Binaiya in Maluku and Mount Rinjani in Nusa Tenggara.

The team’s other aim is to support the promotion and preservation of Indonesia’s nature, which would lead to an increasing number of visitors to the country’s highest peaks.


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