Solomons amnesty nets 18 guns and over 2800 rounds of ammo

A second gun amnesty in Solomon Islands has netted 18 firearms and more than 2800 rounds of ammunition.

A police statement said the amnesty, which ended on Friday, included the return of two rifles which are believed to have been stolen from the police almost two decades ago as well as home made weapons and relics from the Second World War.

It said the haul included hundreds of rounds of live and workable ammunition.

The police said the latest amnesty was the last one and anyone found now with firearms will be arrested and charged for illegal possession of firearms.

All guns were supposed to be taken out of circulation in 2003 when the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands arrived following years of tension.

During the 2000 coup, some police officers sided with the rebel Malaita Eagle Force which ousted the government of Bartholomew Ulufa’alu.

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