Beef Prices Rise in Maluku During Ramadan

Beef prices in Ternate, North Maluku, continue to rise during Ramadan. The prices vary with the highest at Rp120,000/kg. This marks the highest in the last six months.

Beef prices in Ternate usually average between Rp80,000-Rp100,000 per kilogram.

According to chairman of North Maluku cattle business association, Ibrahim Hamid, the price hike is mainly caused by the increasing demand for beef in the region, in addition to the limited supply of cattle meat outside North Maluku.

“It gets worse because the breeders prefer to sell their cattle meat outside of North Maluku for a considerably higher price. This continues to reduce the supply in North Maluku,” Ibrahim said Thursday.

He explained the strategy to fulfill Ternate’s beef demand, where he plans to involve 13 businesses to collectively supply the beef demands in the region. Each business will be asked to supply seven cattle each day.

“This is to fulfill the public’s demands,” Ibrahim explained.

According to a beef seller at Ternate’s Gamalama Market, the price hike in Ternate has happened since the beginning of Ramadan this year. This trend has continuously occurred each year.

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