MP Napuat presents allocation report to voters

“Transparency upholds a leader,” was the remark by a devoted voter at the Lenakel Market house on Tanna when Graon mo Jastis Pati (GJP) MP Andrew Napuat was presenting the report on his MP allocation

to the public yesterday morning.

MP Napuat said the presentation was based on the promise he made during the political campaign on Tanna, where he promised his allocation reports would be transparent as stated on GJP policy. He said this is the money given by the Government for the community.

The MP promised to deduct Vt2 million representation allowance on MPs salary as part of the allocation. MP Napuat also gave the opportunity comments and questions to the public. It was the first time ever for the people on Tanna to see a leader giving out his reports on his MP allocation.

A lot of parents also stood up in public thanking MP Napuat for his generous support to ease the burden of school fees.

MP Napuat was asked by the Daily Post how much he had spend on school fees and he said Vt1.3 million was spend this year on school fees for 36 students.

Everyone who stood up yesterday morning to thank MP Napuat, mentioned they have voted for different MPs but really appreciated his assistance, especially his support on school fees. MP Napuat said the school fee assistance is not for the voters only, but applies to every one under constituency who has needs.

“This is a first time a member in the parliament has come to present a report in Tanna since 1980,” said Napuat. One of his colleague working together in the coalition government said he wanted so much if his MP can be like this. MP Napuat said this is a policy of the GJP and suggested that if every MP can do the same, it may reduce the complains.

He said it is important that whatever is rightfully for the people,must be given to them.

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