• Melanesians

    Melanesians PRONUNCIATION: mel-uh-NEE-zhuns ALTERNATE NAMES: Papuans LOCATION: Papua New Guinea, Indonesia (Irian Jaya), Vanuatu (the former New Hebrides), New Caledonia, the Solomon Islands, and some smaller neighboring islands POPULATION: Unknown […]

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THE court last Friday found former permanent secretary for the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) Henry Murray guilty of defrauding the government of more than […]

DSE: we are part of West Papua trip

DEVELOPMENT Service Exchange (DSE) has rejected claims that it is “officially represented” in a government delegation that visited West Papua last week. The delegation, led […]

Mass Eviction

Some 1,000 people were reportedly affected in a police operation that began Thursday to move the people out of the plots of land they were […]

Don’t Misuse PM’s Name’s

Foreigners and their cohorts such as politicians and others are being warned by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Andrew Napuat, not to use the Prime […]

Vt4 million was never spent

The Office of the Prime Minister has stated that the Vt4 million much talked about in the social media that was approved for the Commonwealth […]

Threat remains from six volcanoes in Vanuatu

As Vanuatu’s government prepares to evacuate Ambae Island after volcanic activity intensified, volcanoes on other islands remain in a state of unrest. Ambae’s Manaro Voui […]

Chiefs propose ‘New Ambae’ o

“We the chiefs of Ambae agree that if the Government wants to relocate our people elsewhere, it has to be to Santo because it is […]

Life Expectancy questioned on Ambae

Ambaens who have decided to remain on their motherland despite the volcanic emissions, may indirectly risk threatening the average life expectancy of the country, not […]